Chinese Driving Wrong Way Crashes into Car, Interpreter Thought to be Impostor

 | Wed 10 Feb 2016 06:55 ICT

CityNews – After long negotiations, and problems with a suspected impostor translator, a Chinese tourist agrees to pay 220,000 baht in damages after they drove their car the wrong way down the street and crashed into a car.

chinese crash

The accident which occurred on February 5, was reported to Doi Saket Police Station after the driver took photos of the incident and contacted the police.

The total cost of damages was estimated at 300,000 baht. The Chinese tourist originally agreed to pay the full amount but later, after talking with a translator, decided to only pay 80,000 baht in damages.

The translator told police he worked for the Chinese consulate, but after police investigated him, they found he was not working for the consulate, but offers his services to Chinese visitors in Chiang Mai who have accidents or bills to pay. He advertises that he can help reduce the money people pay during negotiations with police.

The Chinese car driver involved in the accident also confirmed this. The driver contacted the interpreter after the accident.

The negotiations ended with the Chinese driver offering to pay 220,000 baht in damages.

A tour driver named Weerapon Apiwan also had a similar situation with the same interpreter last week. He reported that a group of Chinese motorcycle riders crashed into the back of his tour van.

The negotiations had the same interpreter present. The bike drivers first agreed to pay the full amount but after the interpreter joined them, they only offered to pay 50,000 baht in damages. The full cost of damages is over 200,000 baht.

Police are now suspicious of this interpreter and are investigating his claims that he works for the consulate and how he helps Chinese tourists get out of paying damages that they owe.