Chiang Rai Teacher Crashes Pickup Truck Into School Building, Injuring Three

 | Fri 13 Jun 2014 19:42 ICT

CityNews – On Wednesday, 11thJune, it was reported that a driver had crashed into a part of a school’s building in Chiang Rai. The staff and students were shocked to discover that the driver was a volunteer teacher at the school.

At the scene, the driver, Jarin Wannarak (43), was found to be injured by the impact of the crash, and he was rushed to the hospital. His Isuzu pickup truck was also badly damaged, with the front of the car completely crumpled.

A post incident investigation concluded that the pickup truck had crashed into a food stall in front of the school before hitting the school’s gate, and then driving onwards to crash into the building. Three people were injured – one was a food stall merchant, and the two others were parents of students at the school. The officers took the all three to the hospital to be treated for their wounds.  

Because of the driver’s injuries, police have yet to question him about the situation or charge him with negligent driving causing injury.
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