Chiang Mai Zoo Pandas Celebrate Lin Ping’s Sixth Birthday

 | Thu 28 May 2015 08:05 ICT

CityNews – Panda fans and tourists join in celebrations for Lin Ping’s 6th birthday, a Panda that was born in Chiang Mai Zoo but now has been sent back to China to look for a mate.


Presents including ice cakes with bamboo, shoots and fruits were prepared and Lin Ping’s father, Chuang Chuang, ate the gifts as a representative of his daughter.

He was fed by a zoo staff member wearing a panda suit.

Lin Ping was the first baby panda to be born in Thailand.

Whether Lin Ping would ever come back to Thailand is still under discussion.

Chiang Mai Zoo’s Project for Panda Research and Display Office is following the breeding of Chuang Chuang and Lin Hui at the zoo in hope they can present a baby sister to Lin Ping before her 7th birthday.