Chiang Mai Wedding Organiser Offering Dowry Renting Service Gains Media Attention

 | Wed 11 Apr 2018 05:52 ICT

CityNews – A Chiang Mai wedding organiser has gained nationwide media attention after they began advertising a dowry renting service.

A wedding organiser based in Chiang Mai run by a young couple has raised media attention after they advertised a dowry renting service which include cash rental starting from 300,000 baht to 10 million, gold bars and luxury cars.

The couple revealed that they started this service a couple months ago, prior to renting out luxury cars used in wedding photos. The dowry renting service was initiated from their wedding five years ago when they felt like they would love to have stacks of cash, high end cars, gold bars in their wedding for the image of their family, but they could not afford such things.

Since the dowry renting service became available, over ten couples have already used the service. Highest cash rental was of 1 million baht which was rented for a cost of 49,999 baht.

The couple insisted that this is not an illegal loan scheme, but simply a service for like other wedding organisers but change from providing ice sculptors, cakes and flowers to cash, cars and gold bars. They also mentioned that that there has been no conflict with any of their customers.