Chiang Mai Teens Fear Junta Order, Abandon Explosives

 | Wed 11 Jun 2014 19:39 ICT

CityNews – At 30.12 PM on The 10. th  June, Pol.Lt.Col. Suwan Suphot of  Maerim Police  Received A Report that had been Suspicious Items Found in.  Front of Former Soldier Chuchai Puchipin’s House, in Amphur Hauysai, Maerim district. He promptly directed officers to investigate.

Upon arrival at the scene, the authorities found TNT type explosives and 24 bullets contained in plastic bag. They gathered Evidence and information to Further investigate The Case. The Police Assume that they may have been dumped by A Group of teenagers Who were intimidated by The National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) – Who Recently decreed that any individuals Who have wartime Weapons. in their possession must turn them in. All explosives have now been safely removed.

7th Infantry Regiment seized a weapons leader has left many items. 

On June 10, 57, the last day to return to the war. Csch., With no offense to Chiangmai find the 7th Infantry Military Department was notified of the people that found with explosives was left in the grove in the village of Mae Rim, Chiang Mai, Nong Pla it. Police officers are coordinating with Rim check the area. The area of ​​the home. T. Chu Chai Pu Thi Pan, 63, a former military garrison under development at 3 Moo 3, Tambon Nong Pla It Soi 13, Huay Sai, Mae Rim, who stated that a number of weapons were found. I laid at home along the fence. 

From the inspection of the officers found weapons in a war that is still composed of four sticks of dynamite TNT half-pound antipersonnel mines 14 Number 9 Capital M, 22 rounds of ammunition, small 7.62 inch .50 caliber machine gun. 2 shots, and record and to maintain. 

May be assumed that the people who want to deliver the weapons back to the set, but that would be wrong. Therefore be put aside as the San Kamphaeng district, Chiang Mai has her Kunthong Chantadee data villagers Moo 4, Ban Mae Klang. Met with a gold sheriff Saranyu coping. To get her husband to war and the military have died since 2556 to deliver support. Consists of a head exploding RPG 2 bullets bombs MLB 79 Number 2 Bullet 5.56 Of M16 3 boxes magazine M 16 for 1 unit and the latest on 10 June 57. the Csch. has issued weapon is extended until June 25, 57 now.