Chiang Mai Pride Parade returns this Sunday 28th

 | Tue 23 May 2023 19:45 ICT
The Chiang Mai Pride Parade is back, after a pandemic hiatus, and hopes to be its biggest one to date. The parade will be held this Sunday 28th May under the (oddly awkward) slogan, “Province Season Opening, Pride Month Celebration 2023 of Thailand.’ What this means is that Chiang Mai is kickstarting the Pride Month celebration as the first province to hold an official event. The event will be held along the Night Bazaar’s Chang Klan Road and continue to Tha Pae Gate. 

There will be many activities from gender talks, parade, music and shows as well as exhibitions booths, outdoor cinema and ceremonial LGBTQ weddings.

Everyone is invited to join in and make a wonderful day of it all.

This event, however, has a long and somewhat dark history which should be remembered so that we never forget the journey that got us all here.

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