Chiang Mai Police Arrest More Drug Suspects, Taking Total to 412 in First Half of August

 | Mon 18 Aug 2014 17:45 ICT

CityNews – Chiang Mai police have made a number of drug busts, seizing more than 100,000 yaba pills as well as money and assets worth around 26 million baht.

Yaba pills. Photo: Wikimedia.
On Friday, police announced that five alleged drug mules had been arrested at a coffee shop in a petrol station in Fang district following a tip-off, reports said.

Officers seized 100,000 yaba pills and 5,750,000 baht from the suspects. The pills were a new type known as yaba frung-fring (twinkle), which reportedly glitter and glow in the dark. The men confessed that they were moving the pills to Central Thailand, and two of them implicated a Lahu man as the instigator. The investigation is continuing.

A gang that sent yaba pills through the post was also busted, Manager daily reported. Following the arrested of a 24-year-old man from Mae Ai district, police and soldiers seized a total 10,000 pills packed in envelopes and arrested another 41 people.

Meanwhile, assets worth more than 20 million baht were seized from a Chinese man arrested on drug trafficking charges on Saturday, the Bangkok Post reported.

Sorawit Kitpakpong, a 41-year-old ethnic Haw, is believed by police to be a major player in the illicit drug business, though he denies this. Police seized five vehicles, 9.5 million baht in cash, 1,060g of gold bars and two title deeds from three houses he used – two in Muang district and one in San Sai district.

Speed pills, crystal methamphetamine, four guns and ammunition were also seized, the Post said. Sorawit has been charged with illegal possession of methamphetamine for sale and unauthorised possession of a firearm and ammunition.

From August 1 to 14, Chiang Mai police arrested 412 suspects on narcotics charges and seized 290,896 yaba pills, 10.12g of heroin, 183.3g of marijuana and 4.66g of Ice, Manager reported.