Calls to Boycott 7-Eleven After Banana Snack Stealing Fiasco

 | Thu 7 May 2015 05:34 ICT

CityNews – An online campaign has called for the boycott of all 7-Eleven stores for five days, in protest against its parent company CP All’s offensive control of the market, after it was accused of stealing and recreating a popular banana snack.

tokyo banana

The campaign, calling people to boycott the store from May 7 – 11, comes after netizens accused CP of ‘copy and paste’ business tactics after they brought the secret recipe from Siam Banana, promising to produce their banana snack, then immediately cancelled the deal then releasing an identical product called Tokyo Banana.

CP deny all accusations it stole the recipe, and have offered to sell the Siam Banana product in 200 Kaduan bakeries instead of the thousands of 7-Elevens across the country.

Despite some negative feelings towards the boycott, campaign promoters have assured the public they “will not die” from not using 7-Eleven for five days, and there are many other convenience stores to choose from.

CP dominates several markets within Thailand, ranging from supply chains, factories, farms and stores.

The boycott is aimed at teaching CP that their unfair practices do not go unnoticed and to encourage the big boss to “gain some conscience,” referring to Dhanin Chearavanont, owner of the CP group.

However, organisers accept that they boycott will in no way damage the business as the “big boss [Mr. Dhanin] is so rich,” coming 58th on Forbes rich list in 2013, with a net worth of 14.3 billion US dollars.