Burma protests in front of Us consulate

 | Wed 7 Dec 2022 16:25 ICT

A group of about 20 students from the Chiang Mai University Student Organization led by Pornchai Ananarakhiran, President of the Chiang Mai University Student Club and Siwatchalee Watseriwat, Chairman of Chiang Mai University Student Council gathered in front of the US Consulate Chiang Mai to submit an open letter after the court case in Burma’s military state judged a death penalty sentence for 7 students with the aim that the international community would put pressure on the Burmese government. A representative from the US Consulate in Chiang Mai come to pick up the letter in order to take the action.

In addition to submitting an open letter at the US Consulate of Chiang Mai, the students submitted an open letter to the ambassador of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar to Thailand and many other related agencies.

Chiang Mai University Student Organization called for 6 key standpoints to the international community:

1. To put pressure and interfere in the court’s decision in Burma’s military state to prevent ┬áthe death penalty for 7 students and Myanmar citizens sentenced to death in other political cases.

2. Release political prisoners.

3. Restore transparent justice to the people of Myanmar.

4. End the support for the Burma Army whether in military, economic investment, etc.

5. The international community must support humanitarian aid through public sector organizations not the Burmese military state.

6. The death penalty should be eliminated from the modern state.