Buddha Isara’s Land Ownership Investigated

 | Thu 14 Jul 2016 08:51 ICT

CityNews – Buddha Isara was examined by the Department of Forest Resource Management Office after suspicions of forest encroachment and issues with land ownership.

buddha isara land

Mr Somsak Rengpian, the Director of Forest Management Bureau 5, arranged a meeting with authorities in Chiang Mai to discussĀ an investigation into land ownership of over 3,000 rai which was once part of a national park.

The owner of Buddha Isara, a Buddhist organisation, claims that the 3,000 rai of land was bought legally and fairly in accordance with the law from both the government and local private land owners. However, authorities are suspicious the land was sold through corruption which would mean the land ownership papers are invalid.

Buddha Isara reject all the accusations, saying they were even planning on growing forests on the land themselves to help preserve the natural area.

The Director of Forest Management added that to grow a forest you must first ask for permission from the authorities, which Buddha Isara has yet to do.