Breathe Council concerned about upcoming pollution season

 | Thu 7 Dec 2023 18:44 ICT

As we inch closer to the pollution season, the Chiang Mai Breathe Council is concerned about the pollution which will emanate from Om Koi District, an area which sees over 800,000 rai of forests burn each year.

Bunnaporn Buaklee, president of the Breathe Council Chiang Mai met with Prime Minister Srettha Tavisin this weekend, in a meeting held with seventeen northern governors and relevant people working to combat annual pollution.

The council warned the group that there is a large piece of land to the north of Bhumibol Dam, of around two million rai, which has consistently been the most burned area in Thailand year on year.

It is the winds which sweep up the pollution air from this annual fire which settles in the Chiang Mai valley, he explained.

Bunnaroth told the government that many of their policies to combat air pollution over the past few years have failed as the government has failed to meet its own target of reducing burning, lessening the allocation of land for sugarcane by 25% annually and other aims have not been met.     

Bunnaroth said to the meeting that this problem can not be solved by one group, but must receive full support from all sectors.