Beware online scammers

 | Tue 3 Oct 2023 16:37 ICT
The past few months has seen an increase in reports across Thailand of ever-more sophisticated money scams, with millions of baht having been stolen from rich and poor alike.

Last week, an 81 year old man accidentally clicked onto a Line message and found himself down a rabbit hole which lost him over two million baht. Last month, a local celebrity nearly lost millions when she was called, supposedly by her bank, to inform her that someone had opened a credit line in her name and that she now owed money. After talking – even FaceTiming – fake policemen, she managed to catch on in time not to lose anything.

This morning, the Chiang Mai Public Relations Office had to make an announcement that a fake account emulating their name and appearance has been reaching out to dozens of people in Chiang Mai asking for personal information.

Chiang Mai Public Relations Office has made an announcement today asking the public to be very wary of anyone asking for personal information, whether online or by telephone. Please be careful.