Bars and Night Clubs in Chiang Mai Ignore Curfew: Chiang Mai Army gets Serious

 | Tue 27 May 2014 18:20 ICT

CityNews – The Chiang Mai Army Division 33 have re-issued warnings to Bars, Night Clubs, Hotels, and other entertainment venues demanding that they adhere to the curfew laws that are still in place. This has come after several establishments have remained open even after receiving stern warnings from the army.

On May 26th the Army 33rd Division who are enforcing the recent coup and curfew in the Chiang Mai district, held a meeting to reiterate the orders of the curfew to establishments which remained open, warning that there will be severe consequences if the curfew order is not followed.

The army insisted that the curfew remains in place to ensure peace and order in Thailand during political unrest, and it will be in place until the National Peace and Order Maintaining Council sees fit. It was insisted that despite tourists perhaps not realising that there is a curfew establishments were not to make exceptions for them. They said that both locals and foreigners must respect the situation.

Fake documents have been seen around Chiang Mai claiming that Chiang Mai’s curfew is from 24:00 – 04:00. These documents have been faked and originate from a curfew enforced during a previous coup in 2006. The curfew remains between 22:00 – 05:00 nationwide until further notice.

Now that there has been a second warning, the army ensures that any more accounts of people defying the curfew will be met with zero tolerance whether they are foreign or Thai.

Travellers are not exempt except people traveling to and from airports or hospitals, who can provide documents to prove their travel purposes. Other exceptions include private or government employees who must work night shifts in factories, hospitals, aviation and business. People working with perishable food are also exempt with the correct paperwork.

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