Authorities Cracking Down on Cafés That Encroach River Boundaries

 | Fri 8 Dec 2017 05:39 ICT

CityNews – Local authorities are cracking down on stream and river encroachment from cafés in Mae Rim.

Due to concerns brought to the governor’s attention, a team of over 50 officers from a range of local authorities in Mae Rim, visited a number of cafés and restaurants along the Mae Sa River in Mae Ram, Mae Rim on December 6.

Six cafés were identified to have placed chairs and tables over parts of the river and it’s streams but have now been removed with participation from the cafe owners. One bamboo bridge was also taken down following the inspection.

One of the cafes said that many businesses followed suit when one cafe started to do it, in a bid to bring back customers who moved to the more exciting location.

The Mae Rim Chief District Officer is now working on a policy to prevent river encroachment cases such as these in the future.