Author Promotes Apocalypse Novel in Bangkok

 | Thu 6 Jul 2017 05:46 ICT

Press Release 

Are we staring down the barrel of the apocalypse?

With unstable leaders with odd haircuts who have their fingers on the nuclear buttons, ISIS terrorists who lust for the end of the world and environmental catastrophe looming, who could possibly save us from the apocalypse? The answer is Hanuman the flying monkey warrior and company, that’s who.

In his new novel, Time Beings I: Forward to the Past, Andrew J. West sets up a scenario where mythic characters from Hindu mythology try to turn the wheel of time away from the imminent apocalypse.

Hanuman the monkey general and Vibhisana the seer travel through time saving (or not!) the likes of Christopher Columbus and Ernest Shackleton (the Antarctic explorer) to keep humanity alive.

Andrew J. West is originally from Australia and one of the most fascinating incidents in this journey concerns a little-known incident in which Australian Aboriginals fought a pitched battle in open plain warfare against the invading British redcoats during the 1820s.

“I wanted to shed a light into the past in a unique way which would allow young people and adults alike to learn and enjoy history,” said the author. “I’ve been teaching and writing in Thailand for over a decade now so I wanted to take characters from their mythology and mix them into the history of other countries.”

Forward to the Past is the first of a trilogy of adventures in which Hanuman and friends fight off the forces of apocalyptic destruction… Stay tuned for Time Beings II: The Wrath of Kali and Time Beings III: Edge of Yesterday.

Andrew J. West is also well-known in the Thai art scene, particularly for his many art reviews for Bangkok Post and for authoring Thai Neotraditional Art (2015) and Destiny to Imagination: Prateep Kochabua (2013).