Artist and cosplaying son making bank selling desserts

 | Wed 26 Apr 2023 18:46 ICT
The past few months have seen long queues forming every morning in front of an unassuming little shop along the old Chiang Mai-Lamphun Road. 

Locals have been lining up to purchase coconut milk-soaked rice desserts, which a struggling 48 year old artist has begun selling.

“We are a family of artists by trade,” Adirek Kantawongs, told CityNews of his successful new shop. “But when the pandemic hit we had to find some way of making al Irving. I happen to love these Thai desserts and without knowing how to do business or sales or even cook, we decided to perfect our family recipe and sell our desserts which run from mango and sticky rice to many sweet and savoury treats with coconut-milk rice.”

Adirek then began to use his artistic skills to decorate the shop with drawings as well as styling it with recycled products. 

Soon, his 19 year old son jumped onto the band wagon. “He loves cosplay,” laughed Adirek. “So he began to wear a one piece cosplay outfit and the people just loved it. So its become a signature of our place!” 

The little shop sits next to Wat Saen Luang, T. Yang Neung and is open from 6am between Mondays to Saturdays.

Google Map: Beside Wat San Luang