Army Forces Squid Shop to Remove Stickers

 | Thu 10 Jul 2014 18:10 ICT

CityNews – Soldiers have ordered a Chiang Mai squid vendor to remove political symbols, including Pheu Thai stickers on an icebox, reports said.
Last week, soldiers forced the owner of the store, Mr Wasan, to remove his red T-shirt after an encounter while selling squid on the street outside. Wasan later filed a complaint with a senior officer, which resulted in the shirt being returned to him.
On Tuesday, another group of soldiers visited his family’s store in Thipanet Road, Muang district, and removed stickers with the Pheu Thai party logo from an icebox. Wasan was not present but his wife, daughters and other staff were.
The soldiers walked around the shop claiming they were checking that everything was in order, and took photos of the employees and customers.
A sticker bearing the logo of the recently ousted Pheu Thai party was removed along with a sticker bearing its slogan “reduce expenses, increase income”.
Wasan’s wife told reporters that the shop had been visited twice before by soldiers carrying out surveillance and taking photos.