Army asks media to provide more ‘constructive’ and ‘creative’ coverage of pollution crisis

 | Mon 13 Jan 2020 16:13 ICT

CityNews – 8th January 2020, Committee of the Centre for Resolving Particulate Matter Problems, Chiang Mai, headed by Somkhid Panyadee, Strategic Director of Chiang Mai Office for Natural Resources and Environment, held a video teleconference with the Commanding Centre for Wildfire and Smog Control in the northern region of the third army area, headed by the chairman Maj. Gen. Am-nat Sri-maak, deputy commander of the centre.  The meeting was to monitor the wildfire in the nine northern provinces after pollution levels rose beyond acceptable standards and began to affect people’s health.

Maj. Gen. Am-nat asked the provincial public relations offices to meet with local media to disseminate news constructively and creatively so as not to cause panic amongst the public. No guidelines were given as to how the media are supposed to publish news and information accurately while being ‘constructive’ and ‘creative’.

As for Chiang Mai, during the first week of the New Year, the PM value was at good levels for first six days, but has since worsened due to air pressure and wind direction, according to the meeting.

List of activities to reduce PM levels included the 12th January campaign event at Tha Pae gate to reduce the use of carbon-burning vehicles in the city; the upcoming 14th January release of the new mobile application ‘Air CMI’ to help check air quality in several areas in Chiang Mai; and the 19th January Chiang Mai Breath Council’s car-free day campaign in the inner city around Three Kings Monument.

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