Anti-Scar of Chiang Mai Group Wear Green Ribbons, Walk to Bangkok

 | Wed 4 Apr 2018 04:56 ICT

CityNews – A group of people who strongly oppose the judicial offices and residences that have been built into the side of Doi Suthep gathered at Phra Chao Kawila Monument in protest, asking citizens to wear a green ribbon to show their support for the group.

On April 2nd, the network of Chiang Mai people who have been campaigning against the Court of Appeals Region 5 gathered at the monument, imploring the authorities to cease and demolish the buildings.

These residences have been dubbed the ‘scar of Chiang Mai’ after being shared widely on social media.

Teerasak Lubsuwan, the campaign coordinator stated that the network has been pleading for the cancellation since the beginning of this project and will continue the fight until they have succeeded.

Green ribbons were being handed out to people who attended the rally.

The campaign is now drafting a petition that they plan to send to the King. Two Chiang Mai civilians, Krit Yiammaetakorn, 49, and Sarut Srithaworn, 44, revealed that they will be walking from Chiang Mai to Bangkok to file a complaint to the prime minister. They began walking this morning, April 4th, at the Three Kings Monument with an additional volunteer, Dilok Juntorndilok, 54. Three of them plan to walk around 50km per day. They will take around 15 days to reach the capital.