Another Bizarre Incident of Someone Driving Right into a Store

 | Mon 7 Jul 2014 18:36 ICT

CityNews – Another strange case of someone driving into a store has come to the media’s attention – this time, a woman drove her pick-up truck right into a 7-11 in Surat Thani after ploughing through an ATM, knocking over store displays and products and injuring one person.

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On Friday, 4th July, the woman smashed her Isuzu pick-up truck right into the storefront of a 7-11 convenience store. First, she had managed to drive through an ATM machine and then the glass behind it, and only came to a stop when she had hit a display within the store.

She told authorities that she put her car into the wrong gear by accident, which caused it to propel forward when she accelerated. However, it seems rather odd that she would accelerate so fast if she were trying to reverse out of a parking. Perhaps she panicked, or did not realize her mistake until it was too late.

The person who was injured by the crash declined to be taken to hospital, insisting that the injuries were minor. The convenience store will seek compensation for the damage from the woman’s insurance company.

The most recent story we reported about a similar incident was this one, which took place in Pattaya when a woman got the heel of her shoe stuck in the accelorator and also drove straight into a convenience store.