Angry Red Truck Driver Reverses Into Motorbike After Arguement

 | Thu 29 Sep 2016 06:39 ICT

CityNews – A red truck reversed into a motorbike and sped off after an argument on the moat road after the red truck drove fast into the left lane, cutting off a number of motorbikes, almost crashing into a driver with a very young child.

red truck attack

A video surfaced on the popular Facebook page “Anti Red Taxi Chiang Mai” of the latter part of an argument between a motorcycle driver and a red truck driver, catching the moment when the red truck driver purposefully reversed into the motorbike before speeding away.

The Chiang Mai Transportation Office was contacted over the incident and informed the press they have identified the driver who has admitted his fault and has been fined 1000 baht, and suspended from driving for 15 days. He was also ordered to pay for the motorbike repairs.

Watch the video by clicking here.