American Singer and Activist Killed Crossing Chiang Mai Superhighway

 | Fri 18 Jul 2014 18:39 ICT

CityNews – Last night, July 17, at 10.45pm, the Highway Police Rescue received a call regarding a pedestrian and car collision near the San Dek junction on the Superhighway in Chiang Mai.

A photo of the deceased, taken from her public Facebook page

An American of Thai descent, Nicole Sangsuree Barrett, 34, was hit by a car when she attempted to cross the superhighway on foot. Rescue services were called in to assess the scene.

It was determined that Sangsuree died instantly from the collision. She had friends with her who witnessed the accident and were grieving heavily by the time the emergency services arrived. After rescue teams helped calm Sangsuree’s friends, the women asked everyone to sing the Thai song “Deuan Pen” as it was Sangsuree’s favourite song.

The rescue teams aided in helping the traffic flow while waiting for the police. The body was examined at the scene before it was taken to the morgue.

Sangsuree was a musician, poet, artist and activist from Portland, Oregon. She was in Chiang Mai to participate in a Buddhist Education for Social Transformation course, and had recently been performing music and teaching yoga around the Chiang Mai area. Just two weeks ago, she uploaded a stunning music video to her Vimeo page. Fans and friends on her Facebook page have already begun posting messages mourning her untimely loss.