American Man Passes Away in Chiang Mai Condo

 | Wed 4 May 2016 07:49 ICT

CityNews – At 11am on May 3, an elderly American man was found dead in his condominium, allegedly passing away due to a congenital disease.

Decased American man

66-year-old Perry Boomershine from America was found on the floor of his apartment in a condominium on Huay Kaew road with a pot of pills that had spilled across the floor.

The pills were allegedly prescription drugs for a congenital disease, which caused his death.

According to the owner of the condominium, Boomershine had been living there since 2009.

His sister had been contacting the condo since 27th April to try and get in contact with the deceased. It was finally decided to open the room to check on Boomershine. Police believe he had passed away seven days ago.