AIS Serenading its Serenade Members

 | Wed 12 Jun 2019 17:04 ICT

Press Release

Celebrating Serenade’s 15th Anniversary – the Ultimate Experience beyond customer care. Receive surprise gifts as we unbox Serenade Day campaign every 15th day of each month from now until year end.

12 June 2019: AIS as leader in service excellence making long-lasting admiration among Thais through the concept Always Exclusive, Always on Top that sets the high standard in Thailand’s telecom industry is celebrating AIS Serenade’s 15th anniversary by giving very special treats to thank their valued customers from the bottom of AIS hearts. Say WOW, to Serenade Day campaign including discounts, freebies, and redemptions coming your way starting June 15 and continuing surprises on every 15th of each month until December.

Ms. Bussaya Satirapipatkul, Head of Customer & Services Management at Advanced Info Service Public Limited Company or AIS, explained, “Ever since AIS launched its mobile-network service twenty-nine years ago, we became one of frontline service providers in Thailand to pioneer superior customer services. The launch of AIS Serenade Club at Central Chidlom in 2004 marked the beginning of excellence in customer-care program dedicated to improving customer services and special privileges to best fit lifestyles of Serenade customers. We treat our Serenade customers Always Exclusive, Always on Top and we never stop looking for better ways to serve them. Our rich history in customer experiences has cultivated uncompromising spirit to set the bar high for the Ultimate Experience exclusively for AIS customers.”

From past to present, the number of Serenade customers has been growing consistently every year – now totaled 5.2 million subscribers. Over 40 percent of Serenade usage is located in Bangkok and major cities across the country, with data usage averages 15 GB per month. Serenade customers using 4G smartphone contributes as much as 94 percent.

Three key strengths attributing to Serenade’s success in customer satisfaction are:

a) Customer Obsession. Never stop thinking and creating best services possible with superior offerings.

b) Partner Co-creation. We synergize with partners who have common visions to co-create new customer experiences beyond their expectation.

c) Digital Enabling Services. Implement digital technology in every service dimension to deliver convenience to customers and suit their needs.

These attributes have become Serenade’s trademark – on top of mind of everyone to talk about and remember by from Serenade Club, reserved VIP parking, airport privileges and personal assistance all exceeding other players in the market.

Through many years of accumulated studies on customer behaviors, we have learned that today’s customer preferences can be classified into four major categories:

1) Pre-selected, distinct experiences: For example, personal assistance and reserved VIP parking.

2) Digital Lifestyle: Exclusive Deal featuring special discounts on best-selling smartphones, offering Ultimate Surprizes, monthly campaign to join to get top-hit Gadget.

3) Energized & Inspired Events: Outdoor sports and events to inspire business opportunities.

4) First-hand experiences: Enjoy travelling and food tasting recommended by well-known gurus, ‘Wongnai’ which is the most famous lifestyle platform.

“We believe that our customer insight will help us fulfill their desires in the digital era. With Serenade success comes requests from regular customers who want to experience Serenade services. Hence, AIS accommodates them by designing new offerings so they can be qualified as AIS Serenade customer faster and easier. Interested individuals may combine all AIS payments under the same citizen card number. They can also purchase suggested packages suitable for modern families including mobile service charge, AIS Fibre, and digital content, as well as the Serenade Instant Package. For more details on Serenade packages, please go to my AIS application or log in”