AIS opens the concept of “If we all are networks”

 | Wed 19 Jun 2019 09:51 ICT

Press Release

18 June 2019 : AIS moves forward to build a sustainable living in the digital society through the concept of “If we all are networks” by announcing a big mission “Aunjai Cyber” for Thai children

  • Raising the digital knowledge standard with DQ (Digital Quotient)
  • Developing an online content system that is filtering inappropriate with the “AIS Secure Net (beta)” and “Google Family Link” made by collaboration with Google.

“Aunjai Cyber” Project aims to create protection campaign, raise awareness and develop an online content system that is filtering inappropriate from the digital world by focusing on 2 aspects: promoting learning and building digital skills (Educator) to create awareness along with developing skills to use digital carefully and protect (Protector) the risk of using the internet through Digital Solutions.

  • Raising the digital knowledge standard with DQ (Digital Quotient)

AIS, as a digital learning skills promoter (Digital Educator), is the first and only in Thailand that has imported DQ which is a 360-degree learning kit to develop DQ (Digital Quotient) skills and digital intelligence in all 8 skills for children to build protection in entering into the online world with ability and knowing how to set examples suitable for strangers including using smartphones and tablets that do not affect their health. This learning kit has been recognized and has been used to train skills for children in more than 110 countries around the world, has been translated into 21 languages by 100 partners by starting to expand the results of the creation of digital intelligence DQ (Digital Quotation) into the education sector across the country, including open Portal for learning center for all Thais at schools or institutions that work to help Thai Children to be able to use today at

  • Developing an online content system that is filtering inappropriate content
    AIS as a service provider and network developer that protect against risks (network protector) from inappropriate content.
  • Launching AIS Secure Net service (Beta) that helps prevent and filter content on the online world, whether it is websites, texts, images, or videos that are inappropriate from their children. In the first phase, AIS will allow customers to trial the service as a Beta Phase by inviting AIS customers who are interested in using the service to register via the website to become a Pioneer in the trial service amount 10,000 people.
  • AIS customers can register since 25 June 2019, and this group of customers will be able to trial the AIS Secure Net service since 4 July 2019 onwards.
  • Collaborating with Google to bring Parental Control services through the Google Family Link application to expand to parents who will be able to give advice and take care of the phone usage as well as take care of their children safety easily from the current address by AIS providing on-top internet, allowing customers to take care of their children comfortably.

Mr. Somchai Lertsutiwong, Chief Executive Officer AIS, said, “As a Digital Life Service Provider who is determined to develop Digital Infrastructure for the country, besides the development of services to meet the needs of the customers, we also pay attention to contribute to the growth and development of society, both in terms of creating a balanced and sustainable environment to make every stakeholder grows stronger. Because of the arrival of Digital technology, it has caused impacts and changes from lifestyle, business model, and macro-economic systems, which of course will bring both enormous benefits. At the same time, if improperly used, it can negatively affect society as well, including the impact on the environment from e-waste that if not cultivated knowledge or providing accurate management information, then it will result in dangerous consequences for everyone in the world.”

The phenomenon is obviously reflected through a variety of researches, which in the year 2018, Thai youths aged between 8-12 years have internet usage up to 35 hours per week, which is more than 3 hours average worldwide. And also discover that Thai children lack the skills to use digital carefully, making them vulnerable to the dangers inherent on the internet in 4 forms: Cyberbullying, Access to Pornography, Game Addiction and Being Tricked into Meeting Strangers.

Mr. Somchai Added that “another problem that Thailand is being affected by the coming of technology is the problem of electronic waste. In the year 2018, it was reported that Thais dumped a total of 638,000 tons of hazardous waste up to 65%, and only 83,000 tons of hazardous waste from the community are handled correctly.”

“As a person directly in the digital industry, we aim to be the core of forwarding the power to create change in the development of knowledge for Thai children which will lead to sustainable growth in the digital society, therefore, we have a strong will to devote ourselves to be part of the development of society to be happy from the good environment, and that will bring strength and sustainable growth of the nation through the Digital Platform that will be the Digital Platform of all Thais through the concept of “If we all are networks”.