AIS Improves 4G and Prepares for 5G

 | Thu 19 Jan 2017 06:37 ICT

Press Release

AIS today announced a landmark breakthrough in technological advancement of Massive MIMO 32T 32R in 4G FDD for the first time in the world! Through a collaboration with Huawei, AIS has begun preparing its network for 5G technology in the future. Massive MIMO 32T 32R is considered the most advanced technology in mobile telecommunication, featuring the maximum efficiency in expanding network capacity from 5 to 8 times more than the current 4G (depending on the smartphone) and bringing a new user experience with even higher quality to all Thai customers.

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Massive MIMO 32T 32R is a continuation of 4.5G jointly developed last year by AIS and Huawei. During the test, multi-user MIMO technique (MU MIMO) and 3D Beam Forming in Massive MIMO 32T 32R were tested under a simulated environment with different types of data usage in high traffic level. The result shows that the new technique can increase network capacity 5 to 8 times that of current 4G technology with the same bandwidth.

More capacity has always been AIS top challenge to offer superb experience to its customers. Overall, the 4G market of smartphone users in Thailand has been growing rapidly both in user numbers and usage volume. Customers want faster speed for high-definition video, live gaming, and various applications.

Mr. Hui Weng Cheong, President of AIS, said, “Offering the best network with new innovative technologies has always been the focus of AIS. We firmly believe in delivering the best user experience to our customers and delivering the full benefits of the latest technological advances to meet the digital lifestyle needs of our customers.

Huawei has been an AIS strategic partner in technological development. Working together at the Joint Innovation Center (JIC), AIS and Huawei succeeded in the world’s first commercialized 4.5G system which was officially launched in March 2016. Today, the latest collaboration in developing and testing Massive MIMO technology marks a significant milestone in AIS network preparation to support our journey to 5G. This is yet another major achievement that AIS is proud to present to the public – the first operator in the world! Thai people can be reassured that when 5G arrives, AIS customers will be the first to enjoy the best user experience and benefits from the best technology that AIS brings,” Mr. Hui Weng Cheong concluded.