AEG’s Super Stars 2023 Showcases Extraordinary Talents

 | Thu 14 Dec 2023 23:47 ICT

Ambassador Education Group (AEG) recently hosted its second annual AEG’s Super Stars competition, providing a platform for students in the AEG network to showcase their talents. The participating schools included Americana Chinese International School (ACIS), Unity Concord International School (UCIS), British Concordance International School (BCIS), Ambassador Bilingual School (ABS), Ambassador Bilingual Academy (ABA), and Chiang Mai Education Center Tutorial School (CEC).

The competition features diverse talents, ranging from singing and playing instruments to dancing, athletics and more. It aims to foster qualities such as courage, leadership, creativity, and self-confidence, contributing to the holistic development of youth. This year, AEG was honored to welcome participants from the Vietnamese Institute of Global Citizenship (IGC) as well.

The second season’s finals took place at Central Festival Chiang Mai on December 9-10, 2023, revealing winners across three categories: Mini Super Stars (below 6 years old), Little Super Stars (7-12 years old), and Super Stars (13 years old and above).

In the Mini Super Stars category, the first place was secured by Mr. Insee Suntornpaiboon (Gim Gim), with first runner-up going to Miss Silawan Kittiwachana (Namwaan) and second runner-up awarded jointly to Miss Yinuo Wang (Bella) and Miss Yiyun Wang (Eva). Special awards were also granted to Mr. Napat Saipunya (Platoo), Miss Kaewkao Nopparatsangval (Annli), and Miss Shan Shan Lu (Shan Shan), with The Founder’s Choice Award presented to Miss Patricia Wei Xin Tew (Patricia).

Moving to the Little Super Stars category, congratulations were extended to Miss Nardrada Pongpreecha (Rada), Mr. Hyuga Phanyasak (Hyga), and Miss Tritsana Ratchareon (Oppeve) for clinching first place. Mr. Kongphop Techachaicherdchoo (Captain) secured the first runner-up spot, while the second runner-up place was claimed by Miss Shu Ran Tao (Angelina). Commendations were also given to Mr. Chan Sriwiluck (Khaojao), Miss Latisha Sriwiluck (Khaosuey), and Miss Pharin Mahadumrongkul (Preen).

In the Super Stars category, two teams shared the first-place honor – Miss Arada Kikon (Arada) and Miss Dandee Preechamanopwong (Best); and the team of Mr. Thananphong Huangsuwannakon (Plus) and Mr. Natthawat Huangsuwannakon (Pea). The first runner-up recognition was awarded to Miss Naruedee Narapiromsuk (Gubgib) and Miss Pitchanan Nitiphongphanit (Aomsin), while the second runner-up went to Miss Rebekka Jin McMinn (Bekky). Commendations were given to Mr. Jason Xu Zihan (Jason), Mr. Justin Minwoo Kang (Justin), Miss Rebekka Jin McMinn (Bekky), Mr. Nattapas Phunnached (Hui), Miss Jiani Li (Jenny), Miss Yiruo Zhu (Beverly), Miss Tianyue Ju (Taryn), and Miss Rachel Taylor (Rachel). Special awards in this category included the Founder’s Choice Award, presented to Mr. Phatsakorn Choktaweepirom (Eric), Mr. Wei Cheng Wang (Wilson), Mr. Rachata Delval Boonchala (Petit), Alex, Jack, Henry, Jena, and Sunny from IGC (our sister school in Vietnam). The Popular Vote Award went to Miss Jirachya Triyangkoolsri (Bambi).

AEG extends heartfelt congratulations to all participating students and award recipients. The organization hopes that this event will serve as a catalyst for students to explore and develop their potential, paving the way for even greater achievements in the future. AEG expresses gratitude to all sponsors who generously supported this competition, including Furniture Partners Co., Ltd. 1998, KAMU KAMU, Master Eak, Chulalongkorn University Book Center, A Square E Co., Ltd., 3BB, Good Speed Computer Co., Ltd., Chiang Mai Book Garden Co., Ltd., Union Shine Co., Ltd., Betagro, Master Teang, Master Teang T.Air Service, PADA Co., Ltd., Thai Kimura Haru Co., Ltd., Bond Green Co., Ltd., and Orasirin.

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