Addiction Centre Launches New Website for Clients

 | Thu 14 Aug 2014 00:36 ICT

CityNews – Addiction treatment centre The Cabin Chiang Mai has launched a new website for clients who have completed their inpatient treatment.

Photo: The Cabin Chiang Mai

The “alumni community” website, which includes a variety of interactive features, aims to give clients the tools they need to maintain their recovery and avoid relapse.

“Unfortunately, many inpatient rehabs only focus on their clients during primary treatment when they are at the facility. But in actuality, the real challenge for clients begins once they leave the safe bubble of their treatment centre and return to normal life,” said programme director Alastair Mordey.

“It is here that they will be faced with temptations and threats to their sobriety. So apart from teaching our clients during the time they are with us the skills and techniques to cope with triggers they may encounter in real life, we also like to ensure they have continued access to us, as well as other support networks and recovery resources, once they leave.”

The Cabin offers treatment for drug, alcohol, gambling, sex and internet addictions, among others.