Activist Calls for ‘Immoral’ TV show to be Axed

 | Thu 10 Jul 2014 20:47 ICT

CityNews – Prominent Chiang Mai activist Natee Teerarojanapong has called on Channel 8 to axe its “immoral” forthcoming soap opera Pua Chua Krao (Temporary Husband).

Pua Chua Krao (Temporary Husband) is to be screened on Channel 8.

The soap follows a destructive relationship between a mother and her daughter after the mother discovers that her daughter’s new fiance is a former male prostitute she had previously been involved with.

Natee is known for his work with several gender identity groups, including the Gay Politics Group of Thailand and transvestite groups. He and his supporters protested outside City Hall on Tuesday and used creative means to get their message across, hiring actors to re-enact scenes from the show. Their performance can be seen here, and the original scenes here.

The show has yet to be aired, but a short teaser trailer released last month was all that was needed to outrage the activist. Natee and his supporters have asked the soap’s producer, Isariya Saisanun, for meetings to discuss its future.

“If things don’t go smoothly, we will bring this up before the National Council for Peace and Order through the Chiang Mai governor,” Natee said.