Accidents on Doi Suthep Road Increase After Resurfacing Company Doesn’t Clean Up

 | Wed 20 Dec 2017 08:58 ICT

CityNews – After a road construction company who re-paved the Doi Suthep road left the road covered in gravel and sand, a large number of road accidents have been reported.

According to local rescue teams, there has been a sharp increase of accidents along the Doi Suthep road due to a large amount of asphalt, gravel, rocks and sand left after the road was re-paved.

The issue was raised by a Facebook user known as Anut Sopapol which soon went viral with many other agreeing that the road is very dangerous in the current state. According to local vendors, there are on average ten rescue vehicles going up the mountain a day since the re-surfacing.

Department of Highway Chiang Mai Provincial Office has responded to the issue and said that they will be pressing the private company who worked on the project to be responsible for the clean up. The authority also reportedly said that the matter will be dealt with within a couple of days, meanwhile there will be warning signs for all visitors in Thai, English and Chinese.