A soi where you can eat for 20 baht and under

 | Thu 28 Jul 2022 21:31 ICT
There is a small soi in town where you can go to eat if you are on a very short shoe string. Soi Ban Tong in Faham has a noodle shop which is selling noodles for 20 baht per bowl, and there have been a few new shops popping up, which is allowing these businesses to market themselves as the ‘20 baht soi’.

Students, office workers and labourers come here at lunch time to check out the noodles dishes which cost anywhere between 20-30 baht per bowl.

Four restaurants in total are offering inexpensive dishes, with one fried chicken and fried pork shop selling sets with sticky rice for 20 baht, a kanom Jen shop also selling at 20 baht and a local cafe selling teas and coffees from 15-20 baht. 
“All of us sell from our own properties,” said the 57 year old owner of Ban Tong Noodles, “So we have low overheads and can manage to make a small margin of profit at these prices.”

Map: https://goo.gl/maps/nBu1Mam3fbSk7EJs8