A Protest in a Bath Towel

 | Thu 21 Aug 2014 22:12 ICT

CityNews – Film director Nitchapoom Chaianun, who made the surprise indie hit My Romance, on Tuesday conducted a solo protest outside his home after the water supply was cut off for two days.Photo: CM108
The 29-year-old stood outside his house in Chang Phueak district’s Mae Yuak community wearing only a towel and carrying a sign protesting against the Provincial Waterworks Authority’s Mae Rim office, reports said. [LINK] His actions attracted the attention of passers-by and reporters.
Residents of the Mae Yuak and Patan communities are affected by water supply cuts almost every week, due to problems with frequently broken pipes. The most recent episode was the worst, according to locals.
Nitchapoom contacted the Provincial Waterworks Authority but didn’t get a clear response so he took to the streets, hoping journalists and social media would aid in solving the communities’ problems.
By 8pm on Tuesday, water was flowing to their homes again, and yesterday officials visited the director to explain the reason behind the constant cut-offs.