Over 5,000 Parcels of Land Expected to be Expropriated for the New Airport

 | Mon 27 Aug 2018 09:09 ICT

CityNews – The second Chiang Mai airport is proceeding as planned, with the expropriation of private land beginning next month.

Following the Airports of Thailand approval of new airport projects in Chiang Mai and Phuket with the budget of 125 billion baht, the board will be proceeding on the expropriation of private land. The second Chiang Mai airport which will be set on 7,000 rai of land, covers 3,631 rai in San Kamphaeng District, Chiang Mai, and 3,388 rai in Ban Thi District, Lamphun. Around 5,300 deeds of private land are estimated to be expropriated with compensation which is planned to conclude by September.

Lands value in San Kamphaeng is increasing accordingly. A report this month revealed that land near highway 1317 in tambon Chae Chang has increased 340 % from 2,500 baht per sq. wah to 11,000 baht sq. wah while land in tambon San Kamphaeng has increased 100% from 6,000 baht per sq. wah to 12,000 per sq. wah baht, and land near highway 121 in tambon San Klang has increased from 4,500 baht per sq. wah to 15,500 baht per sq. wah.