50 year old Municipality Stadium in bad shape

 | Sat 9 Sep 2023 17:28 ICT
Reports are coming in that the 50 year old Municipal Stadium near Chang Puak Gate is looking dangerously tired and worn. 

Many of the concrete pillars are cracked, with rusty steel bars plainly visible, according to a representative of the stadium. The authority went on to say that the municipality conducts regular repairs, and while the constant use over the past half century has worn down the stadium’s foundations, it is still safe for use.

Jirot Rotjanasaowapak, Deputy Mayor of Chiang Mai, said that following a recent inspection, water damage has caused the rust and the crumbling of the concrete. He said that while it is not dangerous to use, the municipality is taking these issues seriously and an engineer will be hired to come in to evaluate the safety. At this point the stadium will limit its capacity to 50%.