5 Year Project to Bring More Water To Chiang Mai Through New Water Tunnels

 | Fri 30 Sep 2016 09:35 ICT

CityNews – A new project to provide more water to the Mae Kuang Udomthara Dam was revealed by the Irrigation Department Chiang Mai Office yesterday.

water tunnel

As the requirement for water is increasing throughout Chiang Mai and Lamphun, the Irrigation Department must be able to accommodate this rise in water demand.

According to the department, agriculture in Chiang Mai and Lamphun uses a average total of 127 million cubic metres of water per year. In 20 years time, this has been estimated to reach 173 million cubic metres.

As a result, more channels into the dam need to be created.

Construction of a tunnel has begun, designed to release water from the Mae Taeng Dam into the Mae Ngat Dam and then from the Mae Ngat Dam into the Mae Kuang Udomthara Dam. The monumental project is planned to be complete in 2021. The budget for the project has been set at 15,000 million baht.

When the project is complete, a saving of over 160 million cubic metres of water will be seen each year. The extra water will help support a range of industries and sectors, such as the consumer sector, agriculture and tourism.