30 people report 1.8 billion crypto scam

 | Wed 24 Aug 2022 20:02 ICT
The DSI have received an official complaint from 30 people who claim to be victims of a crypto currency scam. According to the alleged victims, the owner of the company is still driving an expensive car and showing off their wealth, while refusing to pay any interest.
The 30 alleged victims travelled to the DSI office today with documents to show that an unnamed company had scammed them of their money, after promising large returns.

According to one victim, “I initially put down 300,000 baht and was receiving returns of 10-15% regularly. So I then invited many of my friends to join in, but have discovered that dividends are no longer forthcoming and following some research the 30 other victims were also discovered. 

This company claimed to have been mining cryptocurrencies.