2022 “Pursue Peace” Convention Unites Viewers in 239 Countries in More Than 500 Languages

 | Thu 7 Jul 2022 11:16 ICT

As war in Europe dominates the public’s attention, viewers in Chiangmai will unite with millions others around the globe for the annual convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses. This year’s convention theme is “Pursue Peace!”

Mr.Kroek kittikhunl, professor at a university has attended this convention for more than 32 years. He said “Each year I and my family benefit from the convention. We as a family, learn principles that are useful for our lives. We have the opportunity to learn and increase our knowledge from these conventions. As a professor, I regularly join seminars, however, the benefit I gain from the conventions of Jehovah’s Witnesses is much more valuable. We as a family have learned Bible principles that help us to maintain a high moral standard.” In addition, he stated “We are now living in chaotic times and this is affecting families as they experience increased problems. This year’s convention “Pursue Peace!” is extremely appropriate for me and my family. Therefore, we intend to attend this convention.”

Jehovah’s Witnesses have been holding global conventions for more than 100 years. Following the practice of the past two years, this year’s virtual program will be released incrementally throughout July and August. The program’s first segment will be available for streaming or download beginning June 27, 2022.

All are invited to attend the event by going to jw.org on the web or JW Broadcasting on the free JW Library app, or on streaming platforms such as ROKU TV or Apple TV. The program is free and accessible to all.

The three-day convention will be available in six parts, each corresponding to a half day of content. Topics to be explored are:

· How love leads to inner peace and peace with others.

· Why the Bible can be called “the road map to family peace.”

· How to attain peace even when suffering illness, economic problems, natural disasters or other difficulties.

· What people from around the world are doing to enjoy peace.

· Why friendship with God can lead to true peace.

For more information, please contact Jehovah’s Witnesses in Chiangmai at 089-7017127 or [email protected].