1,020,000 Yaba Pills Hidden in Fertilizer bags in Chiang San

 | Tue 3 Jun 2014 21:29 ICT

CityNews – At 2 p.m. on 2ndJune, Chiang San Police Station and the Border Police in Chiang Rai acquired 1,020,000 amphetamine pills near the Rok River in Chiang San, with dealers fleeing the scene.

Before the discovery of the amphetamine pills, the police checked around the Rok River area and found two high speed speedboats containing four men. It transpired that the men had transported the drugs in fertilizer bags via a tractor that was hidden in a nearby corn farm. The four men managed to escape during their attempted arrest.

The four suspects are still on the run.

The police found over 1,020,000 Yaba pills which were hidden in five fertilizer bags stowed in a tractor. The police subsequently questioned the tractor owner but he denies any knowledge of any drugs. The investigation is ongoing and the men are yet to be profiled.

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