100s of marijuana businesses in Chiang Mai ask PM to rethink revocation of legalisation

 | Sat 18 May 2024 23:38 ICT
Representatives of marijuana growers and suppliers visited the Public Health Office this morning to ask the government to reconsider its announcement that it will attempt to revoke the legalisation of marijuana.
According to the dozen or so representatives, there are hundreds of business owners in Chiang Mai who will be deeply affected by this change. “We have all complied with the law since the legalisation by the government. Out of hundreds of us there have been only four cases of people who have not followed the rule of law in regards to growing and selling marijuana. This has shown how committed we are to working within the confines of what is permissible. To yank this away will simply decimate numerous businesses and we see no up side to this effort,” said a representative of the group.
Out of the 647 official permits issued by the government to operators in Chiang Mai’s 22 districts, 631 are permits for sales and distribution (with 237 in Chiang Mai city district, 38 have requested permits for exportation and five for research purposes.