10 Acres of Protected Forest Destroyed, Officials Have No Leads

 | Mon 13 Jun 2016 09:46 ICT

CityNews – On June 12, the district-chief officer of Mae Jaem ordered official security forces, along with the military, forestry agency and watershed management and security officials, to inspect the Ban Mae Sa Nga area after complaints by locals regarding illegal deforestation and agriculture in the protected area.

destroyed forest

In the area surveyed, officials discovered an area of over 10 acres that had been illegally cleared for agriculture. There was also a large water pipeline leading to the area. However, the land was yet to be cultivated, however the forest was completely destroyed.

The officials were unable to find any people working the land or evidence of a specific company using the illegally cleared land.

Officials and the army are now collecting evidence and investigating who is responsible for the clearing of protected forest, but currently have no leads.