Song by Chiang Mai Student Spreads Awareness about Eating Disorders

 | Wed 25 Jun 2014 19:50 ICT

A Youtube video of a song has been posted by a young Chiang Mai resident, which shares a message of awareness about eating disorders, and compassion for the sufferers of this lonely mental illness.

The singer is Sydney Holofcener, who was the inspiration for a recent article in the June issue of Citylife. The 17-year-old’s song, “Monster”, was also written about in the article, but was only available for her friends to view on Facebook. Now, the video has received over 1,000 views since it was uploaded on Youtube last week.

Sydney hopes her song will help spread awareness about eating disorders, and that it might reach the ears of sufferers who “need to know how beautiful, valuable, and worthy they are – regardless of what their minds tell them.”

Learn more about eating disorders at NEDA, and watch Sydney’s video here.