Parent at Chiang Mai School Accuses School of Creating Subliminal Images in their Advertising and Teaching Manuals including pictures of Penises, Monsters, and Sodomy involving Students and Animals

 | Tue 10 Sep 2013 13:10 ICT

CityNews – A parent, name not known, of a pupil at a school in Chiang Mai has created a website detailing what he thinks is the work of sexual deviants trying to subliminally impose their perversity on children’s minds.

The clouds in this picture if turned around says the parent suggest sexual intercourse

All photos are taken from

How this is done, says the parent, is by putting subliminal pictures of penises, monsters, blood, scenes of death and pornography, and in many cases sodomy, into pictures, advertisements, and school photos.

The parent has written to the school on many occasions and would like the police to get involved.

Above is the school’s response

In one such book he says that the fluffy clouds show sex scenes, while in a school advertisement what looks like a little girl standing innocently is actually a scene denoting sodomy.

In what looks like a picture of a young student looking happy at school (below), after the lighting is changed the parent says this is what the school intended:

What we see in this picture? Riding an animal (or sodomizing) one that embraces the mouth a human head with a body (on the left) with several representations of sex.”

Before lighting change

Where two rabbits are running after each other in a book he writes:

It seems rather short rabbits after the cloud and trying to catch the shape is clearly a penis with the face of an old man.”

In what looks like a scene out of jungle book, the parent comes to this conclusion:

It seems that in this drawing below when we lower the light and shadows, the subject is other than the one presented.

1: The little tree left of the drawing becomes an animal sniffing the ass of the rhinoceros.

2: A black form in he back of rhinoceros horned animal in the back is present, and we see his head, his ass and legs which are part of the design of rhinoceros but this animal seems sodomized the rhinoceros.
3: Rhinoceros with its shadow underneath his head too sodomizing a black horned animal looking for something between the legs of the deer (?).
4: All the animals are very surprised and seems to like this.

There is much more on the site, which finds numerous examples of sexuality, death and pornography, even in the cartoons that are played for the children.

We know right now from a teacher at the school, who would like to remain anonymous, that that man’s wife is also harbouring these suspicions about the school. We have been told that the man is French and the wife is Thai.

The teacher informed us that the school is presentably thinking about taking legal action for defamation. 

One poster on his website replied in the comments section:

Dear C&B

I’ve read through your online posts and they’re disturbing. You are reading into things that were never intended. Your concern for your children is obvious but here, it is misplaced. The school edited your son’s ID photo because it was dark. When you turn any photo into something black and white, it may look like something else. 

What is now happening is that you are making a mockery of yourselves publicly and your poor children will have to suffer the consequences through bullying from other children. This story could go viral around the world. I have already seen a post on Reddit, a popular US blogging site.

Please please please for the sake of your children, take down this blog and go and seek professional help for yourselves.

*We have not corrected the spelling or grammar in the text which we have taken from the site.