Magical Light Foundation: Winter Distribution Project Part 3

 | Fri 18 Apr 2014 09:28 ICT

Learn about Magical Light Foundation’s Winter Distribution Project (Part 3) from Ben Cheong here:

In November 2013, another team from Magical Light Foundation, together with Li Li Tan of ArtSpeak made their way to Chiang Dao to Schools of Hope in Nong Ook to paint wall murals, donate winter necessities, food and to hold a big birthday party for the kids born in November.

The well-organized kids were split into six groups where each group was put in charge of one wall around the school. Li Li Tan of ArtSpeak guided them and soon, everyone, both kids and adults, joined in the fun to paint the beautiful wall murals. While the kids were busy painting, team Magical Light Foundation went out shopping for birthday party supplies and food for Schools of Hope.

Magical Light Foundation donated useful food like milk, eggs, fruits, meat and more, vital toiletries like feminine products and hair care items, and also chips, cakes, and other sweet treats for the birthday party. A scrumptious meal was prepared by the teachers and the kids, and was then thoroughly enjoyed by all.

The kids hardly get a chance to eat meat, eggs or expensive fruits like apples and mangoes, except on special occasions or when someone generously sponsors them. We were very happy to be able to let them eat these special treats and bring them joy, especially to the children who had never experienced a birthday party before. All in all, it was a fun-filled night that ended with many amazing performances and a campfire dance with the kids.

Fun continued the next day when we all grouped together to finish up the wall murals. It didn’t take long for the talented kids to complete six beautiful wall murals around the school. This was followed by the distribution of the blankets and warm shoes for every child as part of the winter distribution project. We hope to be able to bring more fun, joy and help to these talented kids in the future.

Until next time,

Ben Cheong

Founder of the Magical Light Foundation.

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