Elephant Poopoopaper Park… Here’s the Scoop on Their Poop!

 | Mon 4 Nov 2013 11:32 ICT

Mae Rim just got a whole lot better for visitors to Chiang Mai with the recent opening of the Elephant POOPOOPAPER Park. 

Elephant POOPOOPAPER Park is an amazingly refreshing and unique, eco-friendly, naturally built, outdoor museum park focused on introducing and explaining the unique steps involved in making their memorable and world famous paper products from elephant poop fibers. Yes, that’s correct!  Paper made from poop! 

The self-guided and interpretive walking tour takes visitors through eight different pavilions explaining each stage of their fascinating process (from cleaning through to product assembly) through the use of rich graphics, informative signage and demonstrations by skilled artisans.  A truly amazing experience to see first-hand with great opportunities to take photos in a tastefully designed, lush and beautiful environment.

Visitors will also be introduced to Chiang Mai’s long and rich history of traditional paper-making and handicraft production and trace the history of paper from its invention in China almost 2000 years ago and its evolution throughout Asia, Egypt, Europe and the Americas.

In a single destination, Elephant POOPOOPAPER Park encompasses so many aspects of what the typical visit to Chiang Mai is all about: genuine eco-tourism, history and culture; artisans; local crafts; education, fun and one-of-a-kind shopping at what is surely one of the most unique specialty gift shops one can find anywhere!  Elephant POOPOOPAPER Park is certain to be one of the most memorable parts of any visitor’s trip to Northern Thailand.

Elephant POOPOOPAPER Park is owned and operated by Alternative Enterprises Co., Ltd.   The POOPOOPAPER Brand of products have been crafted in Chiang Mai for more than ten years and are well known in numerous international markets.  POOPOOPAPER products have been widely featured on television, in print and on digital media such as CNN, Discovery Channel, Fox Network, Forbes Magazine and in other media publications in over 15 countries.