Dying Animal’s Documentaries to Watch as the World Burns

 | Fri 1 Nov 2013 12:04 ICT

Firstly, I’m back. My blogs were recently hacked. Not sure why, I may have upset someone. It’s fucking beyond me to be honest why anyone would want to hurt me like this. Anyhow, in the words of the Stone Roses, I am the Resurrection, a dog with a second chance.

This is how they did it, because beating them to death was too much hard work, and there was too much blood.

Some of the lost blogs may return, especially my assaults on Thaivisa cronies. I’m actually quite glad I’ll get to kick a man when he’s down.

“What have we done to the world? Tied her with fences and dragged her down.” 

That’s Jim Morrison on When the Music is Over. This sets the scene for the blog entry.

Each and every day my Facebook page is alive with the sound of requiems for the End of Days. The world is heating up, the banks are going bust, debt escalates, wages freeze, inflation squeezes, students turn away from the humanities in view of their inescapable loans, crime rates soar and yet crime fits nicely into the capitalist framework of exploitation, we are sick from eating and offered addictive pills to manage our ailments, government surveillance reflects the nightmares of G. Orwell…

World renowned journalists such as Chris Hedges who left the mainstream media a long time ago tells us we are heading towards a global catastrophe, and the Democracies Incorporated we once trusted were bought out a long time ago – they serve not the people, but corporations. The media, the supposed protectors of justice, have also been bought out.

Hedges described in detail what comedian Russell Brand touched upon in his now famous pro-revolution talk chat with Jeremy Paxman.  Hedges poetically and succinctly explains that that we can no longer trust votes in this inverted totalitarian system in which profits for a selected few are more important than the survival of the species. What’s perhaps slightly disturbing is that millions of people watched Brand delineate his humanistic, but inchoate views, while Hedges world changing speech hangs out in the cubby-holes of cyberspace. Maybe it’s because he mentions Marx, everyone knows you’re not allowed to mention Marx.

Civil Disobedience, rebellion, is our only hope announce the many harbingers of doom. But as the majority of people bathe in their apathy and are consumed by pop stars and brand names, their ship of fools sinks, pulled down by the insatiability of modern capitalism. Most people don’t seem too concerned about it. Fuck it eh, maybe we are all on the same selfish kick.

I’m gonna get my kicks before the whole shithouse goes up in flames.” That’s Jim Morrison too.

Here is a list if documentaries that should be watched when sinking on a ship of fools. It’s not a definitive list by any means, just a list:

1.      The Century of Self

Iconoclastic UK documentary maker Adam Curtis has made plenty of eye-opening films, but his masterpiece I think is this long explanation of how we, the mass, the heard as we are often to referred to, are so easily controlled and manipulated. This is why you drink stuff that makes you sick, or tend to think president Obama is a Nice Guy.

2.      How to Make Millions Selling Drugs

The war on drugs is probably the most lurid example of a failed bureaucracy system which, in its arrogance to get what it wants and what is expected of it, overlooks crimes against humanity. Fortunately this unwinnable, vote buying war might just be coming to an end. 

While prisons are big business it’s the business of the law to fill them.

3.      Lost Angels: Skid Row is my Home

      Forget about those sub-prime key words such as equality, freedom, opportunity. This video shows you how ending up on the streets could happen to anyone, but it also shows you that kindness can be obtained from people who have nothing. Made in the USA, where equality was invented. 

4.      Dirty Wars 

      I watched this just the other night. While I don’t like the way it uses music to chaperone your emotions, or how it made a serious subject into a Hollywood flick, you can’t deny that the journalists is brave. America’s horrific drone wars, the ones you didn’t know about.


5.      Inside Job

You’ve probably seen it. If you haven’t, then take your head out of the ground. This is how a very small group of mostly men have grown very rich from purposefully collapsing an economy. It also shows how Harvard Profs can be bought…deary me.


     A vision of the end of the world, or something close to it. A few years this man may have been called a conspiracy nut…but not anymore. His revelations are all coming true.

7.      Oxyana

The death of a small town in West Virginia. It’s destruction by prescription drugs, mostly Oxycontin, available from doctors as long as you hand over the right amount of money.

8.      Blackfish

  H Horrors of the Seaworld industry. Why whales kill people…why whale shouldn’t be imprisoned in swimming pools….why they bite, and why it’s covered up when they do.


The Act of Killing

     A very, very unsettling account of the murder of thousands of alleged Communists by hired thugs during the 1965 Indonesian ‘purge’. You will be rubbing your eyes wondering if what you just saw was real…a disturbing and moving film.


      56 Up

     A reflection on human growth, how our environment shapes our future, how we change, or don’t change much. Interviews with kids at seven years old, and then every seven years until they have reached 56.

Please add to the list