Woman Dies, Boyfriend in Coma After Drive-by Attack by M-16 Wielding Gunmen

 | Wed 15 Jun 2016 06:46 ICT

CityNews РA woman was murdered and a man left severely injured and now in a coma after two men on a motorcycle opened fire on the couple as they worked in their repair shop in Mae Jo, Chiang Mai on June 14.

woman murdered in Mae Jo

From eyewitness statements, the couple were working in their shop when a bike pulled up with two men with full face helmets on. One of the men drew a M-16 automatic rifle out of a bag and shot at the couple, killing the woman instantly, and injuring the man resulting in a coma.

The woman was identified as 34-year-old Kedsuda Saikiew. The man’s name is currently being withheld.

Forensics identified 12 bullet holes in Kedsuda.

The gunmen then escaped the scene, driving towards Chiang Mai city, but despite police being informed on the radio very soon after the incident happened, they were unable to trace the bike immediately.

Police suspect that the gunmen may have been paid for the murder.

Police believe the attack to be emotionally motivated and are investigating leads while trying to trace the gunmen via CCTV and witness reports.