Vehicle Smugglers Caught in Chiang Dao

 | Tue 2 Feb 2016 08:49 ICT

CityNews – Military officers and police arrested two men in Chiang Dao who were driving unlicensed vehicles destined to be illegally sold in Burma.

car smuggler

The two suspects identified as Tapha Laoyang, 60 and Ar-chiang Saechao, 40, were driving a car and a motorcycle without licence plates towards the Burmese border. They were stopped at Kew Pha Wok sub-district by officials on February 1.

Officials received a tip-off that a gang would be transporting the vehicles from Thailand to Burma through the area.

The two men initially tried to escape but were soon arrested by the officers.

They told police that a 38-year-old Burmese man named Saiong to drive the car and motorcycle to Burma for 15,000 baht.

They claimed that this was the first time they had done such an act but police are unsure. They speculate that these gangs often transport vehicles in exchange for drugs.

The investigation is ongoing.