US Man Arrested for Opportune Car Theft

 | Tue 16 Jan 2018 04:36 ICT

CityNews – Police have arrested an American man after he stole a local man’s car on the night of January 14.

On the night of January 14th, Wittaya Sukarom, 45, parked his car in front of his house on Moon Muang Road. When he woke in the morning he found his car had been stolen.

After informing the police, Wittaya told them he forgot his keys in the car, so he though the thief must have seen the keys and just taken it. Using the GPS installed in the car, the police quickly tracked the thief to Mae Rim. Police were surprised to identify the thief as an American national, named Jared Goldston. The car was also damaged, police believe, during the time the American man was driving it.

Once in custody, Goldston refused to answer any questions and claimed he was feeling dizzy. Police suspected drug abuse and have contacted the US Consulate Chiang Mai for further assistance and prosecution.