Two Men Stabbed to Death in Love Quarrel

 | Mon 18 Mar 2019 14:46 ICT

CityNews – Two men were stabbed to death in a quarrel on love affair.

Around 7am of March 17th, two bodies were found at a flat on Morakot Road in Chang Phueak. In the room, police found the body of Samruay Subjui, 57. He was stabbed four times in his chest. After following a blood trail for about 50 metres, police found a body of another man, identified as Banpot Pimpalai, 28, who had been stabbed three times in his chest. There was a knife and a baton near his body.

Charoensub Subjui, the younger brother of Samruay, lives in the room over from Samruay and offered a testimony: Banpot used to live at the same flat, but after his brother discovered Banpot had affectionate feelings towards his wife, Samruay had asked the manager to evict Banpot about three months ago. On the day of the incident, Banpot reportedly sneaked into Samruay’s room early in the morning and waited in the bathroom. When Samruay woke up and found Banpot, they fought. Banpot reportedly stabbed Samruay first but the knife was pulled out of his hands, and Samruay stabbed him back. Charoensub heard his brother’s son screaming, but when he ran into the room Banpot had already fled the scene. Both of the bodies have been sent for autopsy.