Tourist Bag Snatcher Chased by Good Samaritan, Arrested by Police (UPDATED)

 | Thu 3 Mar 2016 05:46 ICT

CityNews (UPDATED) – A man from Khon Kaen was arrested yesterday for snatching an American tourist’s purse in Chiang Mai after a good citizen chased after the thief.

The purse had an iPhone 6, 7,500 baht in cash, ID and credit cards and the victim’s passport.

bag snatcher story

The victim, 31, and a United States citizen who wishes to remain anonymous, had her purse snatched while she was heading back to her hotel around midnight. A passer by chased after the thief and retrieved the purse, but the thief managed to escape.

After the police were called, and an investigation ensued and a man was arrested in connection to the robbery.

Nantachai ‘John’ Muangbang confessed to the robbery after police questioned him. He also has a criminal record relating to sexual assault.


The victim says in her official report to the police that she was walking alone towards her hotel and a man ran up behind her and snatched her bag. Following investigations, it turns out that the victim and the accused knew one another and used to live in the same hotel. The accused was found hiding in a friend’s house. Once arrested it was discovered that he had two prior arrest warrants for rape but managed to evade the police. The victim called CityNews and claims that it is now a matter of domestic dispute. When called, the police say that they do not have any further information about the current status of this case.